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Comfy boarding for your beloved cat in Rotorua

Burmese cats have always been part of our family and it was this love of cats that encouraged us to purchase Close To Home Boarding Cattery eight years ago. With our personal experience and outstanding facilities we promise the finest boarding in Rotorua. 

Short and long term boarding

We offer short and long term boarding and can accommodate up to 42 cats. Your cat will have an individual cage for sleeping at night, with a warm sheepskin rug and personal litter box. We also have heating for comfort in the cold Rotorua winter. During the day your cat can enjoy access to a large communal play area. 

Food and medication

Quality food from Royal Canin is available all day for cats that like to graze, along with plenty of fresh water. If your cat has a special diet you’re welcome to bring food. All cats must be desexed and have a current vaccination certificate. They should also be wormed and have an up-to-date flea treatment. We can administer medication if required, so please ensure you provide full, clear instructions. 

Drop off/pick up, charges

The hours for drop off and pick up are 8.30am–10am and 4pm–6pm daily. Other times are by arrangement. We prefer if you bring your cat in a strong, suitable carrier to prevent any risk of escape. 

About our facilities

The cattery is situated in suburban Rotorua, on a quiet street with easy parking. It is in a warm, comfortable building, with a large covered verandah, set amongst colourful gardens. 


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